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About Us

We deliver all your needs for digital Marketing

Clovr Media established by a group of professionals with over 10 years of experience in the field of corporates, is a digital-first marketing agency. Experts at our company strive to not only make our clients digitally visible but also strategize to communicate their brand values and essence to their potential customers.


Likewise, our professionals believe in narrating our clients’ unique stories and navigating them toward success. Our expertise roots in working with various industrial giants, non-brands, and conglomerates, both national and international.

Our Team

Our team comprises of experienced professionals who know what they are doing. Our expert teams at Clovr can cater to all your digital and marketing needs, from website creation, development, maintenance, to ERP, social media handling, graphic designing, and many more.

Meet our amazing leaders!

Image by Pablo Heimplatz
Yogesh Shrestha
CEO, Co-founder

Yogesh Shrestha is our excellent founder with over 10 years of experience in marketing and business development. He is adept at setting direction and strategic objectives to lead our startup with a vision of providing a 360 result-driven marketing agency for the growing Nepali businesses of all sizes. Apart from meeting with clients and finalizing the deals, he loves shop-hopping every now and then.

Image by Noah Silliman
Sushmeet Pradhananga
CEO, Co-founder, Creative Director

Sushmeet Pradhananga, our versatile co-founder, brings a wealth of experience not only in marketing and branding but also in creative designs and search engine optimization. Sharing the same vision as our other founder, Sushmeet has already become a successful young entrepreneur. Along with conquering incredible feats, Sushmeet can be seen rating foods around the city.

Meet our thoughtful marketing strategists!

Image by Pablo Heimplatz
Ningma Yonjan
Head of Marketing Strategy

Ningma Yonjan is the stunning think tank of our company who always brings forth innovative marketing ideas and solutions to the table. An updated-perfectionist at heart, she always strives to direct her team into producing the best engaging campaigns for the clients. Apart from being busy orienting her goals, you can find her indulged in exchanging philosophical conversations.

Meet our dandy graphic designers!

Image by Pablo Heimplatz
Suzina Maharjan
Head of Graphic Design

Suzina Maharjan is the creative goddess of our company with over six years of graphic and creative design experience. Suzina strives to deliver the highest quality of ingenious works to our clients, thus, manages her team efficiently towards the same direction. In addition to working earnestly, you can find her snacking every now and then.

Image by Noah Silliman
Sulabh Gurung 
Graphic Designer

Sulabh Gurung is the talented graphic designer at Clovr who is very skilled at generating articulative designs for our clients. His experience of over four years provides him with the expertise to yield desirable outcomes. Other than being found emitting his free, carefree spiritedness, he can also be spotted blasting loud music in the office.

Meet our impressive client servicing officers!

Image by Pablo Heimplatz
Sachhyam Man Singh
Head of Client Servicing

Sachhyam Man Singh is the persuasive force that marches our organization forward. Sachhyam like his name is extremely proficient in maintaining good relationships with his clients and the team. Work-focused Sachhyam aims on completing all his tasks at any cost and steers his team towards the same objective. If not grabbing all the employee of the month awards, he can be found vacationing on international destinations.

Image by Noah Silliman
Nancy Shrestha
Client Servicing Officer

Nancy Shrestha is the graceful client delegate of our company who strives to establish and maintain fruitful relationships with our clients. Her responsive yet calm, and client-first demeanor boosts our clients’ confidence in our work. It also helps foster a steady work flow within our office. Apart from astonishing us with quick adaptability, she also surprises us every now and then with her out of the world singing, acting, and dancing skills.

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