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Our Services

Formed by highly adept and competent experts on August 13, 2021, Clovr Media has already successfully collaborated with some big brand names in the Nepali market industry. From working as early on as understanding the marketing needs, developing campaigns and strategies for the grandeur promotions of the company, to designing and publishing every kind of graphical representation required, i.e., both digital and physical, at Clovr Media, we take care of all the marketing needs of our clients. An explicit list of the services we provide to our clients is as follows:

Digital Marketing

Internet and digital mediums like social media, search engines, emails, mobile apps have become an integral part of people’s daily lives. According to the Digital 2021 report from We Are Social and Hootsuite, more than half of the global population consume content and access services through digital platforms. Thus, to engage and captivate audiences from those mediums, our marketing experts propose innovative approaches to promote our clients’ marketing needs through various digital channels. Some of the  popular digital marketing channels are as follows:
    * Fb ad 
    * Google ad
    * Social media management
    * Influencer Collaboration

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Branding and Designing

Consumer behavior and pattern, especially in today’s time, is highly impacted by how a company has established its brand identity. Since the branding and designing reflects the values, personality, and reputation of a company, it is very important for any company to work towards establishing a unique, well-designed brand identity. Doing so will not only help an organization build a relationship of trust and loyalty among its customers, but also play a key role in shaping their perceptions of the organization and its services. Thus, our expert marketing strategist team works to analyze our clients’ target audiences, competitors, market trends to develop a strong brand identity for our clients. Our talented designers then create visuals and graphical elements to clearly and appealingly communicate the message to their audiences.

Media Release

Media Release is one of the efficient ways to generate publicity for any company, product, or event. Likewise, it also helps to increase brand awareness, visibility, and user engagement. Thus, our team at Clovr Media strive to provide any kind of media release our clients desire, be it in the print or digital formats.

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From pictures to videos of any kind that will help our clients with circulating the brand message or any information among their customers, we provide all kinds of production services for our clients. Some of the services are listed as below:
    * Video production
    * Photography
    * Animation
    * Motion graphics

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On Ground Activation

Along with digital activations, face-to-face interactions or direct interactions with consumers effectively help in building brand awareness. Likewise, on-ground activations can help in building brand loyalty and sense of brand association among the customers. Thus, understanding the present marketing context and our clients’ needs, our brilliant team are also capable of planning and executing on the ground marketing activities.

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